A plague on all insecurities

Dear insecurities,

you’ve lost – from Ness.


plural noun: insecurities
  1. uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.


‘so please, ask yourself: what are the things you would do If you weren’t afraid? And then go and do it’

The majority of people on this on earth have gone through an insecurity, some are just good at hiding it or dealing with the insecurity better.

In this generation, we tend to worry a lot, whether it is spoken about or not.giphy (5) What does s/he think about me, am I attractive enough. With the pressures of society at a certain age you must have this and that, be married at a certain age. We worry that we’re not where we should be, we worry that we’ll fail. One of the worries I have is that I worry that I’m not enough, not enough for life, not enough to get a job or to start a business, not enough because I tend to put myself down quite a lot.

Social media, in this generation, tends to teach us we must have the approval of others, likes, retweets etc.

giphy (12).gif

The question I constantly ask myself, because we tend to comfort our insecurities and give them power my constantly giving life to it.

how do I overcome these insecurities?  How do I learn to find contentment and peace?

I was in deep thoughts one day when I realised… I’m on a journey and there are obstacles disseminating my path from me going forward, these obstacles are probably from past events, old open wounds that need to be treated and dealt with.

Obstacles can come in different forms, but 3 obstacles that I can relate to:

  1.  Negative self-image 6359939644464819301302334186_selfesteem21 Bad criticism over the years, can have a negative impact in your life, you begin to start to criticise yourself. Literally, you can be the brightest kid on earth, beautiful, but! because of the negative self-image, you begin to believe that you’re ugly, a failure, not worth it and begin to act/portray according to these images.
  2. Lack of trust 2012spring_your-brain-on-self-deception_1920x1080Lack of trust stems from pain, hurt, rejection.
  3. Not accepting things about ourselves –giphy (4) With insecurities, we tend to reject large parts of ourselves. It’s amazing because even people you think have amazing bodies — they reject things about their bodies!

Although these obstacles may be difficult, there is always a way to lean forward instead of comforting these barriers.

I generally believe the obstacles we go through in life is to actually show us the path. The obstacles are the path. The obstacles help shape who we are and who we will become.

  1.  Develop trust in the moment –331babd6877fe7ac394961646adef0367dbef802.gif
  2. Forgive the past – giphy (6).gifLet the past go, of course, it will be difficult because you’ve clung onto the past for so long but it’s only hurting you, let it go, forgive x

To be honest, you are confined only by the walls you build yourself, we mustn’t let these insecurities rule over us. There’s a lot, of branches that stem from my insecurities, but I’ve realised, I’m facing a battle, and my God is greater than these battles. Baby, I will overcome!

This is the path, a successful path. We have to learn to shift our perspective, learn to see what’s blocking your path, and turn it into an opportunity.


so, a plague upon all my insecurities !!

Believe in your craft x




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