A quality of beauty and intensity of emotion regarded as characteristic of poems.

Dear Notebook,

Everything will be ok; be strong, believe.

Poetry.  The expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm;

Poetry, was an outlet method for me as I always kept things in.

There are so many reasons why I’m in love with poetry and why I used to write poetry. Writing, more so typing lol poetry gave me a place to get some of my thoughts, my fears etc out of my head, and onto paper or my phone!!

Here is a poem I made in 2014 – ” The Unexplained Feeling”.

This poem doesn’t just have one interpretation, it has multiple.

hope you enjoy it xx

giphy (14).gif
” The Unexplained Feeling”

‘The Unexplained Feeling’‘ – 2014

I wake up.
Feeling this feeling, within this feeling which is unidentified besides unnamed.
This feeling escapes; it soars away and fleeces,
Attacks scrutiny.
This feeling may be; vast, standard or minor,
Bulges scream?
An understood dream?
Distorting the tight superiorities of reality.
This feeling
Uneasiness scatters
As I embrace this feeling instead of pushing it away;
I feel this feeling, within this feeling, which is unidentified besides unnamed.

By Nessa.


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