10 +1 Side Hustles You Can Start [ASAP] PART 1

 ”Millennials are lazy” – unkown

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Newspapers and some older generations often call us millennials LAZY!  I don’t believe that’s true! I feel like there are a handful of people who are generally lazy lazzzzy and don’t want to do anything! However, there is a lot of millennials who are doing great things, being entrepreneurs,  being on top on their 9-5 jobs – and having side hustles.

I believe there is room for everyone to win, <not just watching people struggle> knowledge is power! So, where does one get started on up with a side hustle?

Here is 10+1 side hustles.. all you really need is motivation to get started, a laptop or phone and wifi :).

Work as a freelancer. Companies all over the world are looking for logos, websites, apps and more, right now. You could sign up for freelance job alerts from creative platforms like People Per Hour and Upwork.

Sell ad space on your blog. If you are a blogger like myself, selling ad space on your blog could bring you in some mula.  Bloggers with a growing audience can use their traffic with Google Adsense

Be a virtual assistant. No matter where you are, you can get paid to do other people’s admin without having to go to the office, you can work in the comfort your own house. Amazeballs! Check out sites like www.fiverr.com and search virtual assistant for listings! There are other websites as well that are looking for a virtual assistant.

House sit.  House sitting it quite easy, but do it through a trusted website, your job is to basically sit in the house while they are away, turn the lights on and off at appropriate times, make sure the electricity is still ongoing etc. Sounds pretty easy, no? Head to www.trustedhousesitters.com to search for job listings and also check out https://brokeinlondon.com/house-sitting-london/

Launch an Etsy shop. Craft enthusiasts are making money on Etsy, and with companies like Shipstation, shipping stuff out is so much easier than it used to be.


Take care of some kids. www.childcare.co.uk is a babysitting website to connect you with entire communities of families of childcare. You can create a profile, determine your hours, and get paid all through the app.

Launch an online course. Demand for e-learning courses is growing quickly. If you’ve got a skill to share, there’s a high chance people will pay for it. Check out e-learning platform Udemy. < my online course is coming soon 🙂 >

Write an eBook. Whether you want to ghostwrite for someone else or pen your own title, eBooks are worth exploring if you love to write. Upwork,and The Write Life all post eBook jobs on the regular.

Walk a dog. Arguably the most fun side hustle on the list, on-demand dog walking websites like www.pawshake.co.uk! < I’m scared of dogs, but I want a dog :/ >

 Spend time on Fiverr. This is kind of linked to being a virtual assistant – but if you have talent in photoshop, proofreading etc.. why not turn your time into cash?  Fiverr.

boost-creativity-in-eLearning.pngplus + 1

Sell your stock photos. If you are into taking photos or love it, or your Instagram game is popping. Why not start selling your work to websites such as.. Shutterstock and Dreamstime?

stay tuned for part 2 !


Ness, x


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