No blogs until further notice

Hey fambam,

Just to clarify I will be back, but I’m on the last leg of my University journey and I need to stay focus and enjoy it while it last.

I won’t lie to you all, I’m beyond stressed, tired and going through all sorts of emotions… but I’ll get through it.

All I ask for is your prayers x

To all the final year students, you can do it!


Ness xx


Rising | The sunset reflection

” A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”

Sunsets have always been my thing. I love it, the different colours blending together and the mood it brings, it’s just therapeutic in my opinion.

Seeing the sunset gives a constant beautiful reminder to appreciate every single blessing day. The sunset gives an every day opportunity to reflect on: life, accomplishment, etc while the sun fades away, how therapeutic can it get?

During my time in el español, I was on the balcony of my hotel and saw the sunset and was like wow, isn’t this stunning, gorgeous, sesssssssxxxxyyyyy . I wanted to actually go to the beach to soak it in, but I got it from my balcony instead just in case I missed it lol.

Instrumental |(Prod.By Hi Jop) – Hip Hop Old School Instrumental “Soñando”

SOMETHING NEW | For this week, lets set a photo challenge, share your favorite moments of a sunrise or a sunset ( of your choice). If you’re an early bird that catches the worm, try to capture what the sunrise means to you, through pictures. Is it a symbol of hope? A reminder to get going?

For night timers, share a snapshot of the day coming to an end [ the sunset ]. Show off the vibrant colors of the sunset and the peaceful calmness. Get creative and show the sun in all of her fiery glory through your lens [eyes].

  • When you take a picture, email me and I will feature you in an upcoming blog post with your creative artwork 🙂
  • The winner will receieve a £10 Amazon e-gift voucher – get snapping 🙂

until next time, I bid you adieu xx


Ness xo

[ 5 apps ] – you should try out on your phone

Welcome back lovelies, hope you’re having an amazing week so far xx

Useful apps always come in good handy !! Today, I talk about 5 USEFUL APPS, that you should have on your phone.

Drum rolls, please…




My bro bro introduced me to this app because I didn’t want to see the GP but this app came in good use. Hand-picked doctors, supported by cutting-edge technology. You can book an appointment at any time of day or night. No more having to call when the surgery opens and hitting redial. Not sure whether you need to see a doctor? Get instant health advice and recommendations on what to do next – all in less than 60 seconds.

//  FLO 



The first period tracker & ovulation calculator that uses artificial intelligence for the most accurate menstrual cycle predictions.

For my ladies, and men as well, to be honest, < I saw a review from a male, who downloaded this app who as well as for his significant other and found it so useful and informative > !

Ladies, this app is amazing, helps track down your menstrual cycle, when you are due, any changes, community support- anything you need to know, helps you discover your body, etc.

//  FEVER 

1200x630bb (1)


For all my ladies and gents this app is useful to get inspired and find out about what your city has to offer. All the way from music festivals and gigs, to theatre, fashion, restaurants, and the most exciting pop-ups.


There are some free gems on this app 😀




This app is for the lovelies who love going on holidays, or just want a quick get-a-away, set your budget and the app will show you, somewhere to go, somewhere to stay and something to make you happy :))




I have used OpenTable a couple of times to book and it is fairly easy to use,  I must say 🙂 !!. You get to discover great dining experiences and make free restaurant reservations at more than 43,000 restaurants around the world. OpenTable is the perfect travel app to dine like a local, find restaurants by location, cuisine and more plus get personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

If you do download any of these apps, let me know in the comment section or via email what you downloaded and how you are finding the app xx

Till Next Wednesday, I bid you adieu xx




Am I too ugly to be loved? | [ PART 2 ]


foodies' appendix.png

We often look on the outside of ourselves to get validation and opinions of others. But, the thing is, we don’t need others to tell us we are beautiful – it is our duty to know that we are beautiful within. We can’t get the validation from someone is pursuing you or comparing yourself to other people in society, because at the end of the day – society view is always changing.

” society view of beauty is always changing ”

People always give the power away ( including myself)  of how they feel by external factors, but we have to keep the power and it needs to come from within. One thing I struggled with as a younger teen was the fact that not everyone would think you are ‘beautiful’ because of this and that, this was a constant factor of my self-esteem, you would never catch me calling myself beautiful, or when I did get compliments, I would cringe and change the subject.

I AM BEAUTIFUL – because I say so, not because social media tells me so, or tom, dick and harry, NO! I am beautiful because of who I am and what I think about myself.

Sometimes, I feel like we are so dissatisfied with ourselves, that it begins to show within our actions, face, and character.   The way we walk around, our facial expressions begin to change < not giving off a good vibe >  | In this sense perhaps it’s not the way we look, but the vibe we tend to bring out that may not be attractive. 

Copy of foodies' appendix

What I realise is, people, can see confidence from a mile away, someone who is secure about who they are – confidence generally shines from within.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not all about looks that individuals base their decisions on, maybe, just maybe, its to do with your insecurities, some people may not want to take on that baggage plus you and your insecurities because it may damage you further and your relationship!

So if you haven’t read my previous post on Pain and bruises // Self-reflection, one of the things I said is really useful for working on your character and helps with insecurities is self-reflecting.

Let’s just be mindful for a minute, if you are going into a relationship looking to get validation or fill a void and feel like in order to feel a sense of self-worth,  please DON’T !!!! That’s a huge error! – You are just going to feel more lonely and disappointed than ever before because you put your faith in that person to feel a void or for validation.

Love yourself, see the way God sees you. Don’t compare yourself to the standards of the world < although it may be difficult > Don’t look externally for affirmation because it will only get worse.

you are beautiful: you are handsome xx

love Ness,


BREATHE | Poetry – am I to ugly to be loved [ PART 1 ]

BREATHE | Poetry  – am I to ugly to be loved [ PART 1 ]
First and foremost, I’ll like to thank everyone for the love and support and the different opportunities that are coming my way, I love you xx
With that being said – Welcome back 🙂 how are you doing?
Back in the day, I used to write poems;  poems that will come straight from my dome… I’ll write when I’m bored, happy, sad etc and I’ll send to them to friends and my crush at the time lol!! I would say writing poems helped me express how I felt at the particular time.

The last poem I wrote was in 2015.

The majority of people knew I wrote poems, just for fun. I never did spoken word, but I’ll always listen to it. I don’t really have the ‘voice’ in my opinion to execute my poems, but I’ll happily write them lol.

Here is a recent poem created called ‘Breathe’

P.S. Yes, I was down and upset when I wrote it. But, let me know what you think.


BREATHE – Transcript 
Inhale: Exhale
I’m governed by modern society views of…
How I should react to certain situations that conform my views.
I often wonder.. why
Why, do I.. sigh
inhale: exhale
that never stops ticking,
with the constant click, from past to the present
I find myself here…
page after page.. after page
Hearts on fire
Exposing parts unseen
Beneath the surfaces
but still, like the sun,
I’ll rise.
- Ness - 14:03:2018
Till next Wednesday at 6PM, I bid you adieu! 🙂

Ness xo


FOOD | 02 gaucho – Review

FOOD | 02  gaucho – Review


For all my food lovers — ladies and gents in relationships — have a birthday coming up?

” Food Glorious food, We’re anxious to try it, Three banquets a day, Our favorite diet, Just picture a great big steak, Fried, roasted, or stewed, Oh food! magical food! wonderful food! marvelous food! ” – I know you sang along to it too 🙂

Read more: Oliver – Food, Glorious Food Lyrics | MetroLyrics


* Listen with sound on*

Filmed on iPhone 7 plus – edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. 

Top tags: Special Occasions, Good For A Date

I went to Gaucho which is situated in the 02 for one of my amigo’s birthday. My overall first experience was moderately good. The service was outstanding, was greeted nicely and shown our table (on the third floor). Pricing wise, it is not a cheap place to eat so its a special occasion kind of place. Loved the decor, the buzz, the attention to detail, the intimate atmosphere and overall experience was unique.

Overall ratings and reviews: 

★★★★ – 4  |   £30 and over

4.5 – Food | 4 – Service | 4.3 – Ambience | 3.8 Value

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 17.16.49  |Noise • Moderate

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 23.57.17 |Dining style, Casual Elegant

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 23.57.17  |Cuisines: Steak, Argentinian

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 00.09.02.png  |Location, The O2, Peninsula Square London, SE10 0DX

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 00.11.13.png  |Area, Greenwich

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 00.13.22.png  |Website,

If you want to book the restaurant, I've got you xx| 02 GAUCHO



Nessa x


9 +1 Side Hustles You Can Start [ASAP] PART 2

9 +1 Side Hustles You Can Start  [ASAP] PART 2

PART 2 – Side hustles 

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.” 

giphy (22)

Try Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Affiliates is my favorite. Link it up to your blog and you’ll earn money every time someone clicks on one of your links and purchases anything on Amazon within 24 hours.

Become a coach. After IT, coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world. Right now, there’s huge demand for all kinds of coaches, from career coaches to activities coaches. If you’re an expert in something, all you need is a Skype account. Helping people and getting paid in the process? Sign me right up!!

Sell physical products. If you love illustrating or graphic design, you can sell your creations without any of the production costs. Simply upload your designs and virtually create iPhone cases, cushions and more via sites like CafePress.

Review resumes. This is not a scam !!!: You can literally make money from helping strangers or your fellow ‘sister and bros’ update their cvs and cover letters. Search for jobs on platforms including Indeed and Upwork as well as professional resume writing companies.


Thrift and eBay.  While researching a lot of money can be made through thrifting and through eBay and Amazon, for example,Chinedu ‘Ken’ Emechebe, 37, started selling phone accessories from his bedroom in 2008 – and now makes £1.5m per month – what a wow!  Pro tip < from what I have seen>: it’s all about the photography and quality.

Use your voice. Literally. If you have an awesome voice or a unique voice and open to pretty much have a distinctive tone or accent. Voices can help. < Pro tip a voice showreel comes in handy >

Try out tutoring. If education is your thing, online tutoring is a great earner. You can find people looking for help with their homework on mytutor.

Teach English. There’s huge demand for native English speakers to Skype with pupils in different parts of Africa, Asia and beyond. and Preply often post English teaching jobs.

giphy (24).gif

Go mystery shopping. Anyone who has worked in retail will know all about mystery shopping. Monster is a good website to help find some mystery shopper jobs. Earning money to eat out? You’ll be living the dream.

plus  1

Complete online surveys. Everyone has an opinion. Share yours and get paid for it by signing up with Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

Hope you enjoyed,


Ness x